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No. If you are in an abusive marriage, your primary obligation is to maintain your safety and security. Contact 911 and the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799-7233.

No. This program is specifically designed for motivated spouses who are currently married to reluctant spouses and are standing for their marriage.

If you are separated, this program may be a good fit for you depending on the details of your separation. If you are legally divorced, this program will not be a good fit for you.

As much as we would like to say yes, this program is designed to help you stand stronger, more strategically and with more motivation so that your marriage has a greater chance of not only surviving but thriving.

Yes. The only clause is that you have to participate in all of the required activities in order to qualify for a money back guarantee. If after applying the program you are still not satisfied with its results, we will give your complete membership fee back to you, guaranteed!

This program is designed to help you stand stronger. If your marriage is failing and you are standing alone, this program gives you the support, strategy and encouragement needed to demonstrate agape love to an unloving spouse. Overflow not only helps your marriage survive, it helps it to thrive.

Yes. As we believe in the biblical concepts of marriage, this program is a bi-product of those beliefs.

Our greatest credential is our personal testimony followed by the many, many marriages that we have impacted through sharing our story. This program has been ran for the last 5 years. After that, David is licensed as a Mental Health Counselor and certified as a life coach with over 15 years in the field. Together, we have been married for nearly 10 years, have written 6 books on this topic and service our audience through blogs, podcasts and videos.

This service offers a monthly membership. That means that you can go through this program at your pace and cancel or upgrade as you see fit. You are free to work with us for as long as you need to.

If your spouse wants to join, then you guys are ready for couples coaching. That is a different service all together. Contact us at: info@mendourmarriage.com for inquiries.

Contact us, we will get you set up with a different service. Email us here: info@mendourmarriage.com and let us know what you need.

No. Although we don’t discriminate…we only work within our realm of expertise.

Even though you are responsible for fulfilling your membership obligations,we understand that things can sometimes happen outside of your control. Because of this, we will only refund one months payment. For any additional months, you can still use those sessions that you missed on an as need basis until your retainer is fulfilled. We strongly advise that you stay up to date on your sessions, besides…that’s the only way to properly benefit from this type of service.

If you are looking to upgrade your package, simply sign up for the intensive weekly package and we will cancel your existing membership. Or you can contact us here: www.info@mendourmarriage.com and we can help you out with that.

If you are looking to downgrade your package, simply sign up for the moderate package and we will cancel your existing membership. Or you can contact us here: www.info@mendourmarriage.com and we can help you out with that.

If you have questions that aren’t listed here, please contact us here: info@mendourmarriage.com.